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A Pad that Evokes Efficient Meeting Room Usage

Following a rapid growth in Europe and success in front of audiences at the “InfoComm 2011” trade show, the recent Swedish innovation in meeting room scheduling is now being introduced to North America. Evoko Room Manager allows for easy, hassle-free scheduling and an efficient use of meeting rooms. It can even be set up automatically to free up booked rooms that are not being used!?

The installation of Evoko Room Manager is simple: a touch-screen showing bookings and other information is installed outside the meeting room and is connected to the company’s Exchange server. It is no more difficult than setting up a new e-mail account on the server. Moreover, the system requires no new software. All that you then need to do is schedule meetings as usual using Outlook. Spontaneous bookings can even be made directly on the touch-screen, and just as quickly a meeting in progress can be cancelled or extended.
Evoko Room Manager is marketed by DMJ in the northern and eastern United States, and in Canada through the DataVisual distributor. According to Daniel Assarson, Sales & Marketing Manager at Evoko Unlimited AB, the success of the product is a result of an accumulated need.

Major Accumulated Need

“Timing is a vital factor; Evoko Room Manager comes at a time when more and more are thinking of ways they can more efficiently make use of time. Meetings are not the least of such vital considerations. The product solves these problems by simplifying the very process of booking rooms and rendering the booking status easier to understand”, says Daniel Assarson.
Marta Scoppa, owner of DMJ Technologies, LLC, New Jersey, USA:
“We are proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Evoko. The addition of Evoko Room Manager to our diversified offering will allow us once again to be in the forefront, bringing creative solutions to our clients and helping them to grow their business.”

Scandinavian Design

Using icons and text, the screen interface clearly shows who has scheduled the room and for how long, as well as upcoming free periods. It is readily visible from a distance as to whether or not the room can be booked thanks to the screen’s green or red LED background illumination. “Many people are also drawn to the screen’s Scandinavian design. Last year, the product won awards at the prestigious German design competition, the iF Product Design Award”, says Benoit Kislich-Lemyre, General Manager at DataVisual Marketing Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Evoko Unlimited AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMS Smart Media Solutions AB, one of the world’s leading suppliers of brackets for flat panel displays and projectors, as well as interactive boards and other media systems. The American southwest is considered the next great opportunity, and the company hopes to find a suitable sales rep firm this year in order for Evoko Room Manager to make its way there as well.