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The Room Manager keeps evolving

We have just released a new software version for the Evoko Room Manager with lots of great updates. Some of the things we have done is to add Multi-site management to make it easier to handle large installations, improved and extended the statistics, added an email reminder if no-one has confirmed the meeting, made it possible to deactivate what can be done from the screen and updated the demo application to make it easier to show all of the great things the Evoko Room Manager can do. Download the new version from our website and try it!

Read the full list of updates:

  • Improved statistics function
    • More information variables available
    • Export directly to formatted Excel file instead of CSV file
    • Clearer definitions and labeling
  • Multi-Site Management
    • Group room together to easier get an overview of large installations, set different time zone for different groups and to only be referred to the rooms in the same group when using Find Free Room function
  • Credentials Management
    • Manage all account passwords in one tab to easily update passwords if required
  • New equipment icons
    • WiFi, Light bulb, Computer and “Other”
  • Confirmation reminder
    • Get a reminder 5 minutes before the meeting room is released if no-one has checked in
  • Extended customizability
    • Fully control what information that is shown on the screen and which features that are activated at which units (e.g. book ad-hoc meeting, extend meeting, end meeting, report broken equipment etc)
  • Improved Monitoring function
    • More detailed information available
    • Set the update frequency
  • New languages and improved translations
    • NEW: Finnish, Norwegian
  • Improvements to the Evoko Control Panel
    • New GUI and layout
    • Improved instructions
    • Smoother process
  • Improved time synchronization
  • Smoother Google Apps for Business connection
  • Improved demo application
    • Confirm function from start up
    • Room Groups
    • More meetings and rooms added
    • Choose language
    • Name rooms
    • New equipment icons
  • Substantially improved code base resulting in general stability, performance and usability improvements